The Blackjacks

The Blackjacks

After New York’s City Thrills broke up in 1983, frontman Johnny Angel returned to Boston and formed the legendary Blackjacks with Whitey, original Dropkick Murphys drummer Jeff Erna and their former roadie Rafe Mabry to play guitar. The recorded Blackjacks tracks re-live yesteryear and the days when the Fenway didn’t have a big hotel where the Rat used to be. If you were there, and you just might have been, remember a time when Percs were cheap, beer was warm and you could walk Mass Ave without any concerns about your future health.

The Blackjacks are the classic rock sound of Boston.

American Independents

Johnny Angel: Vocals and Guitar
Rafe Mabry: Guitars
Jeff Erna: Drums
Whitey: Bass

01. That’s Why I Always Dress In Black

02. Dreamin’ of Saturday Again

03. Simple Math

04. Dead Flowers

05. Junk Train

06. Baby’s In The Bottle Again

07. Generic NYC Woman

08. I’m Only Human

09. My Hometown

10. Possession

11. Where The Money Is

12. Demon Lover

13. Zeroin’ Right In On Me

14. Blackjack’s Manifesto

15. If I’d Been Your Daddy

16. Work Sucks

17. Tuesday’s Girl

18. Rosa Maria

19. Ain’t Gonna Bang My Head Against The Wall

20. Suzy’s On Prozac

21. Last Ride