Carlo Maciocco

Carlo Maciocco

Carlo Maciocco hails from Cagliari, Italy with a history of performing throughout the region and scoring radio airplay with Italian bands Emerson and Drunken Horses. Carlo is often seen performing with a Guns n’ Roses tribute under the moniker Bad Apple and has regularly recorded through online collaboration with producer/bassist Joey Dolan.

The 4 song E.P. Drunken Horse was conceived by Dolan as a tribute to Maciocco’s former inclusion in the band by the similar name and includes 4 songs assembled by Dolan through the duo’s ongoing online collaboration.

Drunken Horse E.P.

Carlo Maciocco: Vocals/Guitar/Songwriter

Mixing/Mastering:: Joey Dolan

Carlo Maciocco: Vocals, Guitar
Shi: Vocals – 2
Joey Dolan: Bass and Drum Programming