Handle Records is proud to announce that the highly anticipated third album from the cross-border duo Inkless titled Algebra. The new relases features 7 tracks that illuminate the senses, bringing unique arrangements of guitar and bass to an array of percussive styles. Stepping beyond the realm of the first 2 releases, Inkless drives miles ahead with elements of pop friendly taste swathed in progressive brilliance. The new album Algebra from Inkless is available for immediate streaming and download; August 1st, 2021.

We’re continuing our growth as a recording duo – building on what we’ve created and trying new elements, new harmonies and new rhythms to make something no one has heard yet, and that they’ll really enjoy.” – This from bassist and co-writer of InklessJoe Dolan.

Montreal Canadian guitarist Dany Breault and Los Angeles based bass guitarist Joe Dolan are trading licks, blending elements of creativity and working cross-border to create the evolution of progressive sound at every turn. The songs emulate the vision and style of prog masters that influence these artists in their works. Pink FloydToolPorcupine TreeMarillion and King Crimson to name a few, and Algebra delivers a stimulating assortment of 7 audio tracks that take listeners on a trip beyond this realm. Get your headphones and enjoy the ride.

The single for lead track Algebra came by way of a video posted to YouTube 2 weeks ago and drew positive criticism from the progressive community. The multi-layered instrumental, with it’s creative chord structures and alternating rhythms and percussion give a passion infused look into the musical interests of both Breault and Dolan. The continued evolution of Inkless is here and fans of the genre couldn’t be more pleased.

Stream the full album Algebra now on YouTube

Algebra delivers a sensational set of 7 new tracks that capture thought and imagination and quite literally bolster creativity with simple listening. Infectious ear-worms are painted over both simple and complex rhythms, alternating between solid drive and ambient flow to create an album that rivals the prog genius of artists in the realm of progressive music arts. Own a copy for your listening pleasure today!

Download a copy of Algebra now: ALGEBRA