Jakarta: Featuring Alice Leonz

The Supergroup Jakarta was born from online creation, global connectivity and the dream Joe Dolan had for developing a project that was thoroughly uplifting, consistent and worthy of airplay in any country in the world. It began as a collaborative collection of works featuring parts and pieces from artists who have recorded literally thousands of songs with a multitude of artists and a variety of genres and disciplines. Over time, Joe adapted bass parts to dozens of tracks, carefully edited, sometimes cut and rearranged and ultimately mixed and mastered 4 albums that only shine as brightly as they do because of one member in the band – Alice Leonz. Her voice, love and passion for music and gift of creation brought these albums to perfection with every note she sang and every piece of music she has written in these works.

Alice Leonz is an Indonesian singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Her professional career has spanned three decades and has produced incredible works in music genres that include jazz, funk and fusion, blues, folk, dance, rock, pop, classical, world and on occasion she’s even thrown down vocals on some heavy metal works. With the ability to guide her tone and harmonize with any instrument in any style – Alice instantly became the key that turned this project’s engine on and Joe Dolan worked hard to bring together Jakarta, the global Supergroup.

The Jakarta catalog of songs includes concepts and ideas from 24 different artists, some who simply contributed a drum beat to others, like master keyboardist Marcelo Drummond who worked with Alice to make rhythms, harmonies and melodies that truly shape the sound and style that makes the Jakarta project as powerful as it is. Each of the albums includes Alice Leonz and Joe Dolan recorded on every track alongside the nearly 2 dozen other artists who touch on the albums in different places, making a blend of music that could not have been produced in any other way – or likely will ever be produced this way again.

These four albums are a first, and likely last of their kind and they represent the power that music has to traverse time and distance, to blend culture, style and creativity and to produce something so timeless, the explanation of it’s creation is unfathomable – while the end result is perfection.