Handle Records is proud to share that today you can stream Joe Dolan’s Cocktails With Friends on all major streaming services, including Spotify. Other streaming and download services include AmazoniTunes and Apple Music.

Joe Dolan releases Cocktails With Friends, featuring Marcelo Drummond performing on piano and keyboards throughout the entire album. Including a mellow blend of jazz style tracks, some upbeat with a funk infusion, Cocktails With Friends introduces another facet of Joe’s vision for his music recording. Maintaining his love of the masters of jazz arts that inspires him, this album comes together with 11 new tracks that offer a relaxing listening experience.

The album further exposes the vision and creativity of Joe Dolan. What began as an online collaboration with Drummond has developed into a passion for delivering jazz rhythms, melodies and harmonies that entertain new jazz fans. Mixed and mastered by bassist and Handle Records founder Joe Dolan, this is the first installation of music developed by Dolan and Drummond.

Recording these tracks over the past 3 months has been an absolute pleasure,” shares Joe Dolan. “We have an assortment of drummers offering their own unique takes on the music and bringing together a nice collection of tracks that otherwise wouldn’t have come together had these global artists not been involved.


The primary elements that form Cocktails With Friends on Handle Records are UK keyboardist Marcelo Drummond and bassist Joe Dolan. The duo have formed a collaboration through the Internet and have intertwined melodies and harmonies on dozens of jazz and pop tracks that offer a consistent blend of creativity. Working with a host of other collaborators who have created and/or added drums and percussion and on occasion, who share their vision of the tracks; Joe Dolan shares this album as unique and creative brilliance to music fans around the world.