Joey Dolan has had the pleasure of recording and performing with artists from around the world and in a variety of styles and disciplines. From his traditional rock roots, through his progressive interests and on jazz, electronica and even country recordings; Joey has shared his passion for bass tones with listeners virtually everywhere and continues to do it daily from Los Angeles, CA, where he currently resides.

What began in a small town in New England turned into a lifelong passion for Joey. Influenced by the early career moments of artists who’ve mastered their craft, including Billy Sheehan, Michael Manring, Tony Levin, Lee Sklar, Geddy Lee, Cliff Burton, John Myung, Pete Trewavas, Jeff Berlin and a host of other instrument players, this shaped a world-view of music for Joe – he’ll tell you he simply grew up at the right time for music.

From those tender early teen years, Joey took every opportunity to write and perform with his peers and to travel with his music, locally, nationally and when possible, Internationally, to hear and be part of other people’s music, wherever the scene was. The benefit of this was the influence other cultures and landscapes offered to how and what Joey played.

In Boston, the Berklee locale introduced Joey to a mesmerizing wealth of skillsets and drove him to delve into non-traditional, off-radio recordings and to discover progressive music that melded with his love of straight forward rock and roll. Progressive legends including Marillion, Dream Theater, Fates Warning, and Genesis kept Joey glued to the stereo while Boston locals the likes of the Cars, the Del Fuegos, Tribe and the Blackjacks shared how to get to the chorus and to deliver a hook in three minutes that left the audience singing for days. Combined, the influence of all these artists is visible in what Joey performs and records.

Joey currently lives and travels out of the San Fernando Valley, recording and filling in on hired-gun gigs; he is available to discuss your project.

Joey’s personal website is

Joey Dolan