Made ‘n’ America: Featuring Dave Keckhut

Created by frontman and songwriter Dave Keckhut, Los Angeles’ pre-eminent Anthemic hard rock band Made ‘n’ America has become a staple on the Southern California landscape and can be heard supported by independent rock radio around the world. With 3 full-length album releases and hundreds of show performances since 2015, Made ‘n’ America is a band you’ll play loud and sing along to, note for note.

While each member of Made ‘n’ America has celebrated a career in performing and recording outside of the band, they’ve come together to continue the band’s dominance on the Southern California landscape and to continue the quest to keep stages active for fans throughout the hard rock community who simply want to take home the memory of a real rock show.

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Made n America - In Rock We Ttrust

In Rock We Trust – 2015

Made n America - Here Comes The Pain

Here Comes The Pain – 2016

Made n America - United We Stand

United We Stand – 2017


United We Stand

That Rock And Roll

Cities On Flame