Handle Records is proud to announce that the highly anticipated debut album, Step By Step, by cross-border recording artists Inkless is available for immediate streaming and download; April 1st, 2019.

We thoroughly believe music has the endless capacity to affect people’s minds, people’s hearts and people’s lives with positive energy.” – This from bassist and co-writer of Inkless, Joe Dolan.

This album reflects on the creativity born from an artistic partnership between Montreal Canadian guitarist Dany Breault and Los Angeles based bass guitarist Joe Dolan. The duo met through online collaborations and started to produce tracks that broke the mold and extended beyond pop songs, taking the alternative route of progressive and ambient music. Born of a love of music from artists like Pink Floyd, Tool, Porcupine Tree, Marillion and King Crimson; Step By Step delivers an uplifting assortment of audio tracks that do more than just perk up the ears, they enlighten the senses.

The single for lead track Cyanescens came by way of a video posted to YouTube and drew immediate attention from the progressive community. The multi-layered instrumental, with it’s deep bass foundation and creative chord structures give a passion infused look into the musical interests of both Breault and Dolan. It’s a marriage of skillsets and expression.

Stream the debut album Step By Step now on YouTube

The debut album release of Step By Step delivers a passionate set of 7 tracks that capture thought and imagination and quite literally bolster creativity with simple listening. Infectious ear-worms are painted over both simple and complex rhythms, alternating between solid drive and ambient flow to create an album that rivals the prog genius of artists in the realm of progressive music arts. Own a copy for your listening pleasure today!

Download a copy of Step By Step now: STEP BY STEP